Luongo snubs China deals every month

image1It has come out that QPR player Massimo Luongo has snubbed another move to China. The Australian revealed to The Singapore Star magazine that he constantly has to reject mega-money moves away from England to play in China.

Not to worry QPR fans because Massimo has said that he wants to establish himself in England and then one day be a Premier League player whether that be with QPR or another team.

The Australian said this about his offers to BeIN sports, “Probably once a month there’s always someone trying to get me over there — an agent or someone who could probably profit from it as well, but it doesn’t interest me”.international-friendly-massimo-luongo-australia_3124804

Luongo is having a good season for QPR, and under Ian Holloway really seems to thrive with the pressing technique where his energy can really be revealed under the spotlight on the pitch.

Luongo also talks about how many of his Australian friends have gone to China but it doesn’t interest him as he is “doing it the hard way” as his agent described it. It is good see that he also doesn’t “regret anything” about staying in England.

It is good to see players are now looking past the money in football and playing for their career. This attitude will surely see Massimo to the Premier League.

Article by @GusSkinner

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