The Man that Gave up Football to fight Cancer

article-0-1e6f6fdd00000578-141_634x371Not many people know about the amazing man leading the charge to battle skin cancer in Scotland. Aged only 22 Jordan Moore has had a very tough career which has seen him hang up his boots at his young age.

Jordan Moore looked a hot prospect after joining Dundee United seniors at the age of 17 after progressing through the academy. He spent 3 years with Dundee but never made it into their starting eleven. He went on loan in his first season (2012/13) to Scottish club Airdrie United, scoring twice in his short spell of nine games. In the 2013/14 season he was once again loaned out Dunfermline Athletic where he had his best spell netting five times in sixteen games.

In 2014 Jordan suffered a major shock when he was diagnosed with melanoma in January. He battled through the next 5 months having two operations which included a twelve-hour surgery. The doctors had to remove 80 lymph nodes which severed nerves on one side of his face and left him with scars. In May Moore was cleared of all cancer but the doctors only gave him a 1% chance of being able to play football again. This did not put him off and Moore got straight back into football and played in the 2014/15 season. Again on a loan deal he joined Queens Park, on the 8th February he played his only game for Queens Park and what turned out to be his last game as a professional. He scored twice late on giving Queens Park a 4-1 win over Montrose. He played for four more months with Limerick but he retired at the end of the season to raise awareness about cancer.3824682

Jordan is a massive supporter of the Stand up to Cancer campaign and is devoted to making sure young kids know the importance of wearing sun cream while playing football in the sun to prevent them from getting skin cancer. It was a very hard decision for Jordan to make saying that “Football has been my whole life so moving on from that is incredibly tough” and how that he “trained every day, even on Christmas Day”. It would have been a very difficult decision to make to retire from the game you love so young but Jordan always kept a positive attitude saying that “Do whatever is right for you, cry if you want to. Laugh if you feel happy”.

Jordan is now considering a future career as a police officer as he campaigns against cancer and tries to start a “rebellion” as his mum put it against cancer in Scotland.

Jordan was awarded the PFA Scotland Merit Award in 2015 for his bravery while facing cancer. He is a reminder of how you must enjoy your career in whatever you do, as it can just be a day away from being taken away from you.

Article by @GusSkinner

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