The Good, Bad and Ugly side of Football

20160220_brp503Let’s start with the good.

Supporters who turn up to games whether snow, rain or even sun, who buy merchandise that all goes to paying players wages and keeping clubs afloat, they watch their team hoping to see a good game but usually denied by the coach’s tactics or bad players. But it is their Team. This season which at this moment is half way through. Has seen a raise in TV money especially in Premier League and most clubs have tried to help fans by freezing ticket prices even by agreeing to drop prices for away fans, it goes a long way to help but football can be an expensive Hobby.

Recently there has been an influx of foreign owners. Who buy clubs not realising what it means to the people who go every week, who can turn on owners when things are not going well! Clubs now have become status symbols, some are looked upon as cash cows, owners have got to be seen to put money (theirs) into sealing the next deal. Most don’t understand what it means to the man in the stands. Then there are Agents who don’t care about anyone but themselves or players they handle. Always out to get a better deal, even if a player is settled, they plant seeds of doubts in clients minds not just to line their clients pockets but there own, with each deal they make at least 10 per cent falls into their pocket.


Contracts in working life are so different to the ones footballers sign, we sign a contract which usually means you must turn up to work at a particular time, what lunch breaks, anything that ties you up to a company along with rules. But you can break with a certain notice period but you can’t just refuse to turn up. Which brings me back to some footballers who believe they can do whatever because they are invincible. So they try to hold the club to ransom, these players get paid for even playing in reserves. So what does a club do? Most fans will say let them rot playing in reserves, then others would say sell get rid make some money.
Failure-believe it or not if you do a bad job at work, depends on how many warnings you get, you find yourself removed permanently with what money you are owed (i.e holiday pay what days you have work). Except if you are a football Manager/coach who get a nice salary for taking job on, but then receive a nice payday for failure (but this also happens in big business as well). Ask any normal person how can this be, it leaves them scratching their heads, how come this is not written into contracts failure doesn’t get rewarded.
Just like a footballer whose team gets relegated into a lower league they get paid the same money they were on, when a club is relegated they lose money so why not players, managers it shows as a business it’s badly run.

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