Xabi Alonso Announces Retirement

xabi-alonsoXabi Alonso has announced that he will be retiring from football at the end of the season. He will leave Bayern Munich in May and will retire from football.

He confirmed his retirement over twitter.Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.18.41

Alonso played over 100 games for four different clubs; Real Sociedad (123), Bayern Munich (106), Liverpool (210) and Real Madrid (236). Arguably his best period of football was at LIverpool where Alonso scored 19 goals from central midfield.

Alonso confirmed his support for Liverpool in 2011 saying “I am still a Liverpool fan and will be forever, absolutely”. He played a vital part in their 2004-05 Champions League final winning season and started every game in Spain’s 2010 World Cup win.


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