Arsenal’s Champions League chances

arsenal-v-ssc-napoli-uefa-champions-league-2328465Well that’s just our bloody luck. Finish top of the group and draw Bayern Munich. AGAIN. At least that lot from down the lane stopped bringing shame to the nation by getting knocked out, but then again, grass is green and water is wet. However slim it may look right now, however, the Gunners have as much of a chance as any team left in the competition to go on and win the European Cup. With that in mind, here I assess Arsenal’s chances of lifting the Champions League in Cardiff next year. 

By chance, for the first time in the four times that we’ve recently drawn Bayern in the round of 16, the first leg will be played in Bavaria, not in North London. This could turn out to be extremely crucial, as beforehand the 1st leg has been played at the Emirates, Bayern or whoever it is end up getting away goals, which in turn leads to us getting knocked on the stupid away goals rule. Every. Single. Year. However, with the 1st leg being played in Germany, Arsenal have a real chance of inflicting some real damage by getting a few away goals in, which, if we play it right, could actually see us progress to the quarter finals for the first time in years, although I’m not holding my breath. Of course, Bayern Munich will be on top form in the Champions League – they are one of the three favourites for the Champions League, and if bookmakers odds are anything to go by, I can see a Bayern Munich vs Barcelona final in 2017, but as any fan knows football is an unpredictable game, and that’s part of what makes it so exciting. However, if Arsenal turn up we are capable of beating anyone on our day, so it’s not as far-fetched an idea as it sounds for Arsenal to progress, and I seriously hope we do. 131106211004-arsenal-dortmund-story-top

Hypothetically speaking, Arsenal make it through, who would we face? Well knowing our luck we’ll most likely come up against a Powerhouse, and this is also the stage where teams from the same country can face each other, so we’ve every chance of getting drawn against Man City or Leicester (Leicester in the knockout stages of the Champions League: this year gets weirder and weirder). I’m guessing we draw Barcelona, however beating them will be as hard a task as any to complete, and stopping the deadly MSN trio and the rest of the Catalonian danger men will be a Goliath task. However, like I said we are capable of beating anyone on our day.

Picking the last four is too difficult as there are too many variables to account for, and the final even less so. I know I said I predicted a Barca-Bayern final, but football is as unpredictable a game as any. 

The optimist in me says that Arsenal can win the Champions League this year BUT we will need a large dose of luck, including favourable draws and ESPECIALLY keeping our players fit. If we do manage to win the Champions League, however, one thing is certain: Gooners everywhere will celebrate like crazy, and I will be one of those celebrating the hardest. Can Arsenal win the Champions League this year? I really hope we do.

Article by @WisepPatrick

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